Tuesday, September 8, 2009

26/11. Did it impact us?

Life is the most precious but most fragile entity. Life may have seldom meant more to us the way it means after Mumbai attacks. In this busy hectic life when we don’t have time for most of our cherished hobbies such heinous acts of terrorism, have made us take a pause and reflect on whether we are prepared to die today, or may be even next moment.
Death even though, an indomitable reality is least thought of aspect by most of us. In these changing times of our value system wherein we are driven by our aspirations, ambitions to constantly struggle and achieve higher professional growth, such moments of tragedy has made us introspect about our priorities and very essence of life.

Many Indians were the spectators of these fateful and ferocious moments when the coverage was almost shown live through various channels of media, and this topic has been discussed in greater breadths and depth at all levels; from government officials & policy makers at the centre & journalists and reporters of media to municipality laborers cleaning the roads . But is that enough?
In these silent moments when we reflect personally on what are the learning’s that we have derived from this event, one could only feel the numbness of words & pacing up of the heartbeat. The very thought of “It could have happened to me or my dear ones” blows us out of our senses, deepening our hidden insecurities, making us feel victimized and helpless. It is then that most of the reflective individuals start searching for options/ solutions through various dimensions and horizons rather then resorting to the fatalistic attitude of accepting things. This change in the attitude depicts the phase of social dynamism & awareness, a sense of which has been inculcated in majority of Indians after 26/11. What does this phase symbolize?
It symbolizes a sense of responsibility and accountability amongst the citizens. It is the phase that initiates the paradigm shift in the attitude of people when the blame game is shifted to the state of “ I am responsible as I am a part of this system and I shall make the difference”; the difference in this case is relative; it could be as simplistic as being patient enough to wait in queues for the security check up at metro stations and other public places , casting the vote to the deserving candidate after meticulous background research of the contestants, to as vital decision as choosing civil services as a carrier option.

This malevolent attack has made us appreciate the precious gift of life, more than ever before. It has given most of us a clear impetus to live each moment to its fullest. It has initiated social binding for a cause and kindled the spirit of social dynamism and awareness, but above all it has made every Indian realize that they are a vital entity of this social set up, and cant be apathetic about the prevailing political system; as the system is the mere reflection of the society as a whole and every individual is very much responsible for his/her own life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sunday Evening at IHC,Delhi

Sunday evening at IHC
It was at around 3pm in the noon of the peak summer. I set out to go to studio after a good sleep of 3 hours in the day that was in addition to my sleep at night. I was mentally and physically fresh and set out with an ardent spirit to go to the studio far across in the north Delhi. Since morning I had desperately wanted to drink mango milkshake that I tasted the previous day in the INA market. The feeling of getting to drink that milkshake again in this burning summer rejuvenated my spirit.
I went to the bus stop near the hostel and was waiting for my bus (the bus to go to INA), but unfortunately or fortunately didn’t get that bus instead got the bus to go to IHC. So my desire to drink milk shake had to be held on the abeyance. By the time I reached IHC I was sweating profusely and wanted to drink water desperately, hence first rushed to ATM and later on came to the office just to drink water. Water didn’t satiate me as mango milk shake was on my mind, but at that moment had to make do with water, but still I was happy as I was knowing that I would be now going to INA and would ultimately relish the mango milk shake within 15 to 20 mins. I just came out of my office and surprisingly there was a thunder.
Swirling winds started blowing all of a sudden. Lush green trees, fountains and music of jingle bells and cool breeze to add to had really moved my heart. No sooner I could realize that it would rain, it started drizzling and few drops fell over me, it was very pleasant. The ambience of IHC and 1st rain of summer filled my heart with ecstasy. I just didn’t feel like moving out as I was stupefied to see the tiny droplets trickle from the narrow pointed leaves of the jumbo tree rolling down over the jingle bells with the win chime oscillating with the flow of wind, it was as if wind was playing the melodious music and nature was dancing to its beats. The smell of the mud getting wet in the first rain during the burning, sordid summer gave great solace to my heart. It was extremely romantic and I was completely lost in this moment. At a point I wished I had somebody dear to embrace and that would add to this feeling of rhapsody, but may be I would not have enjoyed this moment to this extent if there had been somebody with me. For the first time I discovered the beauty of such small things, may be now I know what it means to live in a moment. My jeans pant was wet and water droplets were trickling down profusely. Atmosphere was too catchy to proceed ahead, but had to move ahead to get my snaps. So had to take a hard decision and unwillingly I moved on. I had to traverse a long distance (go all the way to north Delhi) and I just kept traveling ( changing autos and bus) to reach my destination (studio) but my heart was still at IHC. It was a lovely experience.
Hope I could live it all over again. I reached hostel at 7 .30 pm. At night while going to bed during my prayer I remembered that in all this I had forgotten to have mango milkshake, but had no regrets because I realized that what I had experienced was much more worth that mango milkshake.
Dear occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by inaudible language of heart.