Sunday, May 30, 2010

It’s a Chimera! Not photography

These dayz I hear a lot about photography, I had no orientation towards it. Folks I moved around at Delhi had over whelming inclination towards photography and this brought new dimensions towards my view to photography.
Sunday morning accompanied by very pleasant weather in Bangalore, made me feel lethargic to do anything. Cozily ensconced on a sofa with remote in hand switched on the TV and my favorite channel “NDTV good times “was on. Wonderful sceneries with all exotic beauty blended with the lavish lifestyle aroused my interest in the subject; that was being discussed , none other than “photography”
Over the past few years, I have met numerous novice photographers (which they claim so), who surprisingly have developed a passion or hobby towards photography even though it is transient. When I heard a Veteran speak about the topic with all the seriousness that it could hold, I was dumbstruck with the paradox of art and science amalgamation.
It is mind-blowing and eye opener to know how professional photographers have to keep pace with the technological developments. This time demands photographers with not only artistic orientation but also with scientific caliber!! Now this is what I call a paradox.
Photography as a field is developing beyond limits of imagination. In this virtual era with digital virtualization and cloud computing growing at too faster a pace to be documented, it has become a pressing need for photographers to go ahead with “digital manipulation”.
The essence is---- ostentatious photography may indulge “digital manipulation”, however only “Digital enhancement” and not “digital manipulation” can get the best of the pictures ever and will bear the testimony of time.