Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confused movements

It is been a paradox of aspirations,dreams goals reality and future, So confused that I am about the pursuit of exploring newer dimensions and aspects.Working diligently towards attainment of perfection to have a sense of achievement only to realize that having achieved is no more a gratification of the past aspirations. I have begun my journey in pursuit to explore my self. Every time I reflect I unfold a new personality in me,meticulously working towards newer achievements,but the astonishing fact being, every time in an unrelated field! What happened to my purpose of revolutionarising the country's economy, was that my purpose at all? what is the path I have chosen? everything seem bleak. Numerous new hopes with each new day, exuberant spirit and energy for a new assignment which fades away in a short time.
Trying to understand if this is me in a constant state of conflict between Idealism and Reality.It is further exacerbated by the message from 3idiots to move towards excellence and not success, to concentrate on cause and the effects would follow.
Why I am feeling so disillusioned and desultory, why does the question of what Next always haunt me, why do I not live in the present. I know the road is unknown with many twists and turns,but having hit wall at each corner I shall eventually explore my way to eternal happiness and satisfaction with the feeling of accomplishment, feeling of being a better person than what I am today.Till then tighten your belt and keep rolling and exploring and exploring and exploring..........