Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frenzied but not fantasized………………………

Some voice from somewhere touched my heart and mesmerized me. A soothing breeze before early monsoon brought the ecstasy experienced by the unutterable silence. Your touch left me speechless, your silence spoke it all.This mystical tranquility and symphony brought completeness to our relationship.Loved it...,Lived it...,Experienced it and Encashed it in my heart forever.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Does it matter if you are blind?

I sometimes wonder is it really a crime not to have vision in life? I have had a vision and a mission for me defined in a stereotypical way as an ideal management student. Today I feel that life is full of idiosyncrasy and sometimes not having a vision and living the moment to the fullest pays. I have received many a gifts in disguise which I never consciously wanted or ran for. Today I reform myself in the path of life and overcome my internal search for an idealistic life filled with purpose vision and mission. I believe that every day brings in a new transformation, new circumstances, new opportunities new threats so why have an idealistic vision and mission and struggle to achieve something that you may discover that don’t actually need, rather be practical and search for excellence to exceed yourself tomorrow, to be a better person than what you are today, to live each moment, to cherish the gifts of life, to love, to be loved, to feel, to experience and ultimately to live and live fruitfully