Saturday, November 20, 2010

Central Dogma- Information of life

I felt a blustery turbulence creating the adrenaline rush in my nerves stimulating the synapse of my neurons, when I paused for a while to think how information related to life resonates in the universe. This is captured to an extent in the movie “Avtaar”.
I wonder how incredibly we communicate and respond with/to every entity of this universe. How unique it is when we communicate to the machines (when we code programs and information in it is translated in to binary- 0 and 1), when our genes communicate with each other- transforming the information of our life (DNA translation -central dogma- ATGC and AUGC), when nature communicates with life in the form of mutation indicating its decision on evolution and survival of the fittest.
As we grow we choose different streams of studies like arts, economics, science, engineering (computer science, biotechnology and mechanical), management studies etc. As we specialize in our areas we start looking at the world from that sole perspective but in essence everything in life is interconnected by a metaphysical, biological network which may seem like a cognitive dissonance. But this network is the very essence of life which has multiple non linear threads filled with information- a part of which is coded and rest is decoded. This can be explained by these analogies: 1) Fundamental origination of life began through information (quantum of data) which was transmitted to earth in the form of sun rays (e=mc2). 2)Neural network elucidates the fundamental phenomenon of how we grow up from a child to a mature humans through learning, by understanding the norms of society and developing the ability of reasoning.3)This is applicable to the phenomenon of how we teach our codes to understand the fuzzy logics and give us the output (artificial neural network). 4) This is further applicable to phenomenon of building and managing organizations by developing, instutionalizing and evolving them as a process over time.
Thus mysteriously, everything in this universe in interconnected and bounded by the cryptic information pool and every entity of this universe is interconnected through a fragile thread called informational network which is not as frequently realized as it should be.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It’s a Chimera! Not photography

These dayz I hear a lot about photography, I had no orientation towards it. Folks I moved around at Delhi had over whelming inclination towards photography and this brought new dimensions towards my view to photography.
Sunday morning accompanied by very pleasant weather in Bangalore, made me feel lethargic to do anything. Cozily ensconced on a sofa with remote in hand switched on the TV and my favorite channel “NDTV good times “was on. Wonderful sceneries with all exotic beauty blended with the lavish lifestyle aroused my interest in the subject; that was being discussed , none other than “photography”
Over the past few years, I have met numerous novice photographers (which they claim so), who surprisingly have developed a passion or hobby towards photography even though it is transient. When I heard a Veteran speak about the topic with all the seriousness that it could hold, I was dumbstruck with the paradox of art and science amalgamation.
It is mind-blowing and eye opener to know how professional photographers have to keep pace with the technological developments. This time demands photographers with not only artistic orientation but also with scientific caliber!! Now this is what I call a paradox.
Photography as a field is developing beyond limits of imagination. In this virtual era with digital virtualization and cloud computing growing at too faster a pace to be documented, it has become a pressing need for photographers to go ahead with “digital manipulation”.
The essence is---- ostentatious photography may indulge “digital manipulation”, however only “Digital enhancement” and not “digital manipulation” can get the best of the pictures ever and will bear the testimony of time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frenzied but not fantasized………………………

Some voice from somewhere touched my heart and mesmerized me. A soothing breeze before early monsoon brought the ecstasy experienced by the unutterable silence. Your touch left me speechless, your silence spoke it all.This mystical tranquility and symphony brought completeness to our relationship.Loved it...,Lived it...,Experienced it and Encashed it in my heart forever.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Does it matter if you are blind?

I sometimes wonder is it really a crime not to have vision in life? I have had a vision and a mission for me defined in a stereotypical way as an ideal management student. Today I feel that life is full of idiosyncrasy and sometimes not having a vision and living the moment to the fullest pays. I have received many a gifts in disguise which I never consciously wanted or ran for. Today I reform myself in the path of life and overcome my internal search for an idealistic life filled with purpose vision and mission. I believe that every day brings in a new transformation, new circumstances, new opportunities new threats so why have an idealistic vision and mission and struggle to achieve something that you may discover that don’t actually need, rather be practical and search for excellence to exceed yourself tomorrow, to be a better person than what you are today, to live each moment, to cherish the gifts of life, to love, to be loved, to feel, to experience and ultimately to live and live fruitfully

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Confused movements

It is been a paradox of aspirations,dreams goals reality and future, So confused that I am about the pursuit of exploring newer dimensions and aspects.Working diligently towards attainment of perfection to have a sense of achievement only to realize that having achieved is no more a gratification of the past aspirations. I have begun my journey in pursuit to explore my self. Every time I reflect I unfold a new personality in me,meticulously working towards newer achievements,but the astonishing fact being, every time in an unrelated field! What happened to my purpose of revolutionarising the country's economy, was that my purpose at all? what is the path I have chosen? everything seem bleak. Numerous new hopes with each new day, exuberant spirit and energy for a new assignment which fades away in a short time.
Trying to understand if this is me in a constant state of conflict between Idealism and Reality.It is further exacerbated by the message from 3idiots to move towards excellence and not success, to concentrate on cause and the effects would follow.
Why I am feeling so disillusioned and desultory, why does the question of what Next always haunt me, why do I not live in the present. I know the road is unknown with many twists and turns,but having hit wall at each corner I shall eventually explore my way to eternal happiness and satisfaction with the feeling of accomplishment, feeling of being a better person than what I am today.Till then tighten your belt and keep rolling and exploring and exploring and exploring..........