Monday, May 23, 2016

Mystic Creation Called "Chikki"

Sometimes I wonder about these mystic creations called “Chikki’s/Maasi’s/Aunts” and why is that kids find them so adorable.  Probably because only a Chikki can give hugs like mother, Keeps secrets like a sister and share love like a friend. 
Even before the kids are born one person to celebrate the most on the news of the arrival of the little ones is Chikki. May it be the creating collages to welcome the little ones, drawing posters, writing poems or collecting goodies to gift the new born Chikki is always the first. Joy of motherhood doubles with excitement on her being around as though she is experiencing the joy of being a second mother to the little one. Indeed Chikki is always a second mother who so naturally gets in to the habit of caring & pampering that sometimes I wonder how this girl who always wanted to be center of attraction and get pampered the most in the family subtly and happily withdraws to shower it all to the little ones.

My daughter is 3 years of age and for her the greatest admiration in the family is her Chikki( my sister). She loves her purse, makeup, bangles,  watches , flip-flops almost all her belongings. When Chikki is around it is a great surge of excitement for my daughter and she is engaged all through, playing with and admiring her belongings. My son loves his Chikki’s presence especially her playful cuddles so much so that he wants only her to feed him, bathe him and put him off to sleep whenever she is around.  I know that their wonderful Chikki while throwing tantrums, acting pricey loves this attention and affection.

Today I can say one of the best part of motherhood is having a loving sister and an adorable Chikki around, who not only doubles the joy by her care but also can be irrationally crazy about her niece and nephew much beyond awesomeness.  Hats off to you Spond for bringing this ecstasy and wonderful memories in our lives. Way to Go……

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  1. Best reward letter I have ever received. A big Thank you akka :) Love you kiddos <3